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Latin America Project

Latin Energy Partners ("LEP") is actively exploring two basins across two Latin American countries, with estimates indicating a potential of over 1 billion barrels of recoverable oil. Our investment secures 40% of production from the first four wells and 40% of future production from 10,000 hectares surrounding the well heads. 

Latin America has massive hydrocarbon resources potential with big, rich, proven underexplored and underdeveloped basins. Latin America remains largely uncharted in hydrocarbon exploration, yet recent studies suggest considerable untapped potential. The Chaco and Parana basins, characterized by extensive sedimentary deposits, are prime candidates for successful petroleum systems.

Our seismic and geological data reassessing indicates promising indicators for hydrocarbon deposits, including source rocks, reservoirs, seals, and traps.


Initial exploration of the two target basins confirm several kilometres of sedimentary fill with strong potential for accommodating successful, conventional oil and gas petroleum systems.


There are six obligatory elements to successful petroleum systems, of which four have been confirmed in these basins: namely Structure, Reservoir, Source, and Seal.

The remaining two, Charge and Timing, are yet to be confirmed, but initial exploration drilling across the basins has demonstrated considerable promise in confirming these two factors as well.

Latin Energy Partners

Is an emerging leader and an independent E&P company involved in exploring significant hydrocarbon reserves in Latin America, one of the world’s most underexplored hydrocarbon regions. Our endeavors are supported by comprehensive intellectual property and a robust understanding of the regional geological landscape. Latin Energy Partners is positioning itself to be a potential leader in “Oil Assets” in Latin America and is committed to sustainably and responsibly developing natural resources by employing techniques that are friendly to the environment and society at large.

Corporate Leadership




Latin Energy Partners top leadership is highly experienced with decades of experience in Oil and Gas Industry worldwide, managing and operating Mega Projects along with rich experience with large International Financial Institutions and various Kingdoms and Governments
Dinesh K Sarraf
Chairman of the Board


Dinesh K Sarraf (DK) is highly experienced Oil Industry Veteran with over 35 years of Industry experience.

Dinesh Sarraf has held various positions in Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) which is a Public Sector Undertaking under the ownership of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India.

He was the Chairman & Managing Director of ONGC and Chairman of ONGC Group of Companies including ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL) as its Managing Director and CEO.

He has held Key Board Positions, in ONGC Limited and ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL) a Group Company of ONGC, for about 13 years and other Government of India Owned Refineries for about 9 years.

His last position was as Chairperson, Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board of Ministry of Oil and Petroleum, Government of India for about 3 years. Highlights of his tenure was setting up of India’s first Natural Gas Exchange in record time of less than six month and he also devised new norms for City Gas Distribution (CGD) authorization which led to an increase in Gas Penetration Population from 17% to 71% and geographical area coverage from 10% of India to 53%. Based on same norms at present India’s CGD extends to about 98% of population covering 88% of its Geographical area.

While with ONGC and OVL he has led successful acquisitions of oil and gas blocks in several countries including, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Russia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Vietnam, Venezuela, etc. In value terms, the total acquisition investments exceed 15 billion USD. Each acquisition included process of identification of opportunity, engagement of consultants, conducting due diligence, valuation, negotiation, finalisation of agreements, end-to-end approval process, financing, integration of acquired asset in corporate portfolio, etc. He led the process of successful engagement with stakeholders like partners, investors, host country, regulators, employees, etc. He led E&P projects in the above countries as CFO/ CEO/ Chairman.

He is a Post Graduate from University of Delhi and member of Institute of Cost Accountants of India and Institute of Company Secretaries of India along with a certified valuer of Securities and Financial Assets.

Samuel Higgins

President and CEO

Sam has over thirty-five years of experience in financial leadership and strategic investments, his expertise spans from uncovering groundbreaking opportunities in the GCC countries to pioneering energy projects in Latin America and Asia. He has led implementation of cutting-edge technologies in oil extraction and renewable energy sources, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

He has also Initiated and managed a multi-million-dollar investment in next-generation biomass projects, aiming to revolutionize energy production with lower carbon footprints.

Sam has fostered strong relationships with key stakeholders in the energy sector, including governments, local communities, and industry leaders, to support sustainable energy development in emerging markets.

In his early days Sam had a unique opportunity to be a Royal Family Advisor to one of the Senior Royals in GCC. While travelling to over 100 countries he strategized new opportunities in technology, portfolio diversification, infrastructure, and geographical asset allocations for the family.

His vision is to enhance energy availability through innovative solutions, including exploring new oil fields, leveraging technology breakthroughs, and investing in next-generation biomass. His approach combines rigorous market analysis, sustainability principles, and a deep commitment to economic development and environmental stewardship.

Sanjai Chhaunker

Chief Operating Officer

Sanjai Chhaunker (SC) is an accomplished professional with over 25 years of rich experience in Project Management, Implementation and International Business Operations. His business experiences and dealings with governments in India and elsewhere along with multinational companies have provided him with rich global business experience.

He has led various projects and businesses in India, USA and other countries. The last being the India Representative of Galilee Energy, Australia a company pioneering in Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Projects in Australia. While heading the company’s India business secured strategic MOUs with major Oil Refinery Company owned by Government of India and a major private corporation for collaboration between the parties in India and Australia regarding their respective coal bed methane assets.

SC was Shareholder, Board member and Managing Director of a very large Infrastructure Project in Bangalore, India where the investing partners were from the Ruling Family of Abu Dhabi. The project covered over 1600 acres of land with an estimated outlay of US Dollars 4 Billion. Other work experiences include International Strategies & Business Consultancy involving technology transfers and collaborations, Financial Advisory Services, etc. Sanjai has started his career in India working as a Finance Manager of a US Dollars 500 Million Business Conglomerate based in Hyderabad, India. He has Earned an MBA Finance (Specialization in International Lending) from USA in the year 1991.

Jamie Doyle

Director and Vice President / Head of Exploration

Jamie Doyle (JD) is an Exploration and Development Geologist with over 30 years of diverse experience in the upstream oil and gas industry in both conventional oil and gas and coal bed methane assets in the Middle East and Australia.

He has held several senior management positions at both multi-national and small cap companies and state Government. Companies associated with were Galilee Energy, Australia, Shell International (Muscat), Origin Energy Australia and New Zealand, Department of State Development Brisbane, Australia, etc.

In addition to his geoscience-specific skills possesses considerable experience and knowledge of associated disciplines including reservoir engineering, drilling and well engineering and petrophysics.

As a Senior Exploration Geologist was responsible for cornerstone oil and gas discoveries across four major basins in Australia and Oman: A. Killanoola 1- Discovered the Killanoola oil field in the Sawpit Sandstone in the onshore Otway Basin, Australia (sole commercial oil discovery in the basin). B. Anbar 1- Discovered the Anbar oil field in the Gharif Formation in the South Oman Basin. C. Senecio 3- Discovered the Waitsia conventional gas field in the Kingia and High Cliff formations in the onshore Perth Basin, Australia. D. Myall Creek 2- Discovered the Myall Creek/Churchie conventional gas field in the Tinowon Formation in the Bowen Basin, Australia (largest conventional gas field in the basin).

Jamie has Led and managed in Oman a multidisciplinary team that doubled oil production from 12 fields through a combination of near-field appraisal drilling, infill drilling, seismic re-interpretation, well optimisation and advanced reservoir surveillance. JD has led Australia Pacific LNG’s 3 year, $450MM coal bed methane exploration programme that matured in excess of 5.5 TCF of Reserves, which ultimately underpinned the project’s $24 billion final investment decision for eastern Australia’s largest LNG export project.

Jamie has secured two strategic MOUs with major Indian government and private corporations for collaboration between the parties in India and Australia regarding their respective coal bed methane assets.

Project Updates

April 30, 2024

 @ 08.00 MST

Latin Energy Partners meeting with Paraguayan Government Officials.

May 7, 2024

@ 08.00 MST

Deane Preston joins GEMXX Board

May 14 , 2024

08.00 MST

GEMXX Negotiates terms of an Agreement to drill 4 wells in Latin America

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